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Tips Cortland Apples

"No amount of skillful invention can replace the essential element of imagination." Edward Hopper


This is the gift that makes artists special. They view the world with eyes that see beyond the surface, then search deeply within to transform that vision to reality. We are privileged to have these special people among us.

Representing artists of regional, national and international stature, Elaine Beckwith Gallery is pleased to present the work of over 30 artists in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, where a dedication to the enjoyment of art is our guiding principle. Our artists have exhibited in major institutions from the Museo della Citta da Roma to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Paintings, sculpture and a distinctive collection of artist-pulled prints are available for your pleasure.

My backyard apple trees are heavy with fruit ready for picking.  For me, apples define September.  The arrival of apples at farm stands and the hand-painted pick-your-own signs at local orchards are authentic Vermont.  Families make ritual outings to pick apples, celebrating the fruit of our abundant landscape and their precious time together.  Pies will be baked and sold by local churches and community groups in hopes of cashing in on foliage travelers due to arrive in the coming weeks.  The choice will be whether to purchase a Methodist, Baptist or Rotary pie.  All are apple.  All are very good. The little oil "Cortland Apples" by Nancy Tips is a simple subject and composition that comes together with freshness and luster, giving good reason for us to be attentive.  The artist shows reverence for her subject.  Bathed in golden light, the apples are a miracle of creation, not to be taken for granted.  Sometimes, the most thought provoking paintings are the smallest, the most humble.  Only 6 x 8 inches (12 x 14 inches framed), this is certainly one of those.  $650.

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