Frequently Asked Questions

A word about exhibiting:

If you are an artist and have never visited the gallery I would highly recommend that you do so prior to requesting to present your work for consideration (here, or at any gallery). A gallery visit will answer many questions that can never be conveyed through a website alone.

Do you ever consider new artists for the gallery?
I am always pleased to review portfolios and to consider new artists for our collection. An appointment should be made in advance by calling the gallery during regular business hours (10 to 5:30 daily except Tuesday).

Do you review slides or websites from artists?
I do not review unsolicited slides or websites. Unsolicited slides will be returned unviewed.

Do you review artist portfolios? How do you select artists for exhibition?
A decision about whether to invite a new artist to exhibit is based entirely upon review of original work.

What do you look for when considering a new artist?
Our collection represents a diversity of vision with an eye for quality and professionalism. I do not want my artists to “compete” within the gallery and am careful to select new work that fits a niche in the collection. The gallery collection reflects my eye, sensibility and humor. It also reflects the dedication of each individual artist to their work.

Do you have one-person shows or special exhibits?
No. During our first few years we did have both special group shows and one-person exhibitions. It is our opinion, and that of our artists, that a more relaxed atmosphere where every artist’s work is on hand all of the time is a preferable arrangement.

Do you ever buy paintings/prints? Do you ever take work from individuals on consignment for resale?
No. My relationship is with my artists. Taking artwork from an outside source would put me in direct competition with the artists I represent.

What can I do with art that I no longer have a place for in my life?
When you need to divest of your collection I highly recommend that you consider donating the art to a worthy organization. Fund-raising events for educational institutions or Public TV art auctions are very popular. Hospitals, hospice and nursing homes are frequently very pleased to receive gifts of art. Please consult your tax professional for assistance.

The other choice is to try the auction route. Sotheby’s and Christie’s are the famous auction houses, but there are many regional options too.

Can you help me to identify a painting?
Sometimes. .jpg images and photographs don’t always tell the full story, but I will try.

Can you tell me what a painting/print is worth?
What a piece is “worth” depends on the intent of the query. If the intent of the question is to establish resale value, the answer is very different that if the intent is replacement value for insurance purposes.

I can tell you what an artist’s work currently sells for in my gallery. Size, condition and even the subject of a painting/print are variables. Several of my artists have been selling their work for over 50 years. The current price of their work may or may not reflect the value of a much older piece.