Elaine Beckwith Gallery

Barbara L. Green

Barbara L. Green Bowl with Fruit

“Bowl with Fruit, Peppers”
Oil Stick, 10 x 10 inches – unframed

“Paper, paint, line drawn with brush or razor blade echo what the mind's eye sees in reflected reality.” – B. L.Green

Barbara L. Green is a thoughtful and dedicated artist whose work ranges from representational to abstract. She frequently works in conceptual series, shifting comfortably from oil stick & watercolor to hand-printed imagery and sculptural works. The underlying basis of all her work is (literally) paper. A member of Rhode Island’s prestigious “19 on Paper”, an organization of professional artists who make works on paper, Green’s own work is an expression of the group’s mission - embracing the idea that a diversity of approaches to works on paper energizes and enriches aesthetic expression. These are rich, interesting and energized images by an artist whose eye and hand are equally engaged in the process.