Elaine Beckwith Gallery

Carolyn Lamuniere

Carolyn Lamuniere Reflection

Carolyn Lamuniere
Oil on Canvas
21 x 17 inches

"I have always had an interest in architecture and in places that possess an aura of mystery coming from roots deep in the past. Most people use “surrealism” to describe my paintings. I think they are responding to a certain otherworldly quality that I seek to convey.

In my corridors, passages, windows, and doors, I am searching for interiorness, not only inside a particular place, but also inside that place in all of us where there is solitude, peace, joy, and sorrow. They are places people have moved though, left a part of themselves, and passed on.

I came of age in a time of high ideals and anti-materialism. I still believe those qualities are important, with simplicity being the key. I try to do what I can in a quiet, simple way"

Carolyn Lamuniere