Elaine Beckwith Gallery

Janet McKenzie

Our Childred - Out Hope for the Future

Janet McKenzie
"Our Children - Our Hope for the Future"
Oil on Canvas, 36 x 48 inches


JANET McKENZIE is a native New Yorker, born in Brooklyn and raised in and around New York City. She now lives in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

Ms McKenzie studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology (NYC) and the Art Students League (NYC), on scholarship (Merit, Arnold Blanch). She was the recipient of the Edward McDowell Traveling Scholarship, which sent her to Europe for a year to study and travel. At the time she was one of the youngest recipients of the McDowell, which is the Art Students League's most prestigious award. After returning to New York the League gave Ms McKenzie her first solo show. Since that time she has focused her life's work primarily on the subject of women.

The artist's devotion and commitment to imagery of women has in many ways to do with the loss of her mother and grandmother at an early point in her life. She realized that their journey - all women's really - was interwoven and linked together. Depicting the feminine figure in both sacred and secular imagery, these are images that demand the viewer to actively engage, to be attentive and to ponder.  Empowering and diverse, these exquisitely rendered paintings challenge us to encounter the heart of the feminine being as a universal symbol of hope.

"Women are for me sacred beings that are the foundation of life, subjects that have the power to captivate my imagination and inform my expression."   Janet McKenzie