Elaine Beckwith Gallery

Arnaldo Miccoli


Arnaldo Miccoli
Oil on Panel
8 x 10 inches 

ARNALDO MICCOLI was born in Cavallino (Lecce), Italy. He graduated from the Institute of Art G. Pellegrino in Lecce and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome with Gentilini. He also attended the Catholic University of Social Studies in Rome, Italy.
In 1960 he published his poems in vernacular titled: "Fiuri Te Campagna".
In 1962 he founded a local satirical newspaper titled: "Lu Lacquaru".
In 1965 he moved to the United States to pursue both painting and teaching.
In 1973 he returned to Rome where he had several one man-shows as well as inclusion in several group shows elsewhere in Italy and Europe
He returned to the United States in 1975 where he has dedicated himself entirely to his art. His work is in many collections in both Europe and in the United States.