Elaine Beckwith Gallery

Luisa Soto


Oil on Canvas
21 x 19 inches


Luisa Soto was born in Argentina and lives in Buenos Aires. She was trained at the National School of Fine Arts “Manuel Belgrano” in Buenos Aires, where she studied painting and sculpture. In addition to her active career as artist and teacher in Argentina, Soto has exhibited in international venues including galleries in Paris, Luxembourg and Tokyo. She is a member of Boston’s prestigious Copley Society where she had a one woman exhibition sponsored by the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Soto’s paintings are richly expressive and sensual; culturally, there is no question about their Latin American origin. The subjects of her figurative paintings speak with subtle innuendos of posture or gesture against strong, abstract backgrounds that provide depth and contrast. Her still-life paintings are richly fused with taste and smell. Many of Soto’s images suggest the magic realism of dreams. They have a meditative quality where nothing is overtly stated, only suggested. For the active and thoughtful viewer, these paintings will provide a lifetime of dialogue.