Elaine Beckwith Gallery

Jill Valliere

Behind the Scenes

"Behind the Scenes"
Mixed Media Painting: Colored Plaster, acrylic glaze on 3 panels 15" square



"In 1997, I began my formal studies at the Rhode Island School of Design, where I received a certificate in decorative painting. Among the many techniques and finishes that I learned at that time were Venetian plastering, gold leafing, and glazing; this training helped define the unique style and technique I now use.

After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design, I spent the next 11 years working alone and alongside other artists creating murals and specialty decorative finishes in homes and commercial spaces throughout New England. It was that many years of experience working with decorative painting materials combined with formal art schooling that brought me to the technique I now use to create my fine art paintings.
My work as an artist is a passion and expression of that part of me which needs to understand and explore life beyond the surface. I love engaging with people and nature and find the most fulfilling aspects of these relationships occur beneath the outward surface: when I intimately connect with others and world around me.
By nature, I am a person who is sensitive to life’s interactions both with people and with nature. These things inspire me and my work and allow me to feel the happiness of life and the world around me. Without the depth and richness of these connections, my art would not be possible. My hope with each painting is to capture those surreal moments in life when you stop to look around at your surroundings and suddenly everything seems more vibrant, more ethereal. Some days it’s the power and energy of the scene and other days it is the all-encompassing calm and quiet that captivates.
I have always been drawn to the vibrancy and texture of art, and this translates to my process of layering, adding and subtracting elements in my works. This additive and subtractive process creates textural surface and tension which ultimately brings forth the nuances of color, depth, and shadow. My use of metal leaf as a medium creates effulgent, transitional passages which serve as the basis for the conceptual origin of my work."  JV