Elaine Beckwith Gallery

Harriet Wiseman

Wiseman Dreamland Red Cape


     Great artists produce great art whether they are trained or simply have a natural gift for expressing themselves through the outlet of their art. Harriet Wiseman definitely falls into the latter category.

Wiseman’s imagery reflects another time and generation, like those captured in collective memories of families. Her subjects, primarily women and children, have a winsome quality. Wiseman skillfully shares her empathy for her subjects in her work. We know these women. They are grandmothers and aunts, sisters, mothers – all looking out to us. Sometimes they are quite humorous, other times somber – always compelling. Each painting incorporates a lively display of colorful patterning of clothing, drapery and fabrics. Sometimes the paint is thinly applied and sometimes very heavily. Her paintings are consistently creative and spontaneous. Paintings executed on antique book cover incorporate Wiseman's delightful imagery along with the texture, color and authentic patina of these lovingly selected surfaces.  


Acrylic on Antique Book Cover

8 x 5 inches (framed 20 x 17 inches)

(Price on Request)