Kinds of Photography Genres You Need to Know – Photography is one of the digital image artworks that has many
enthusiasts. It is not an easy thing to produce beautiful photography. It takes a basic understanding of the
techniques for shooting and lighting properly so that the results are more beautiful and interesting.

Kinds of Photography Genres You Need to Know

Many people today are involved in the world of photography but do not know the direction of the genre they are
mastering. Just like music and painting, the artists have a flow that is unique in each of their works.

Did you know that photography has many kinds, as follows:

Portrait Photograph

Portrait photography is a type of photography that is more focused on facial expressions of a person or group so that
it displays the appearance, mood, or personality of a person.

Journalism Photography

Journalism photography is a result of special photography that can tell a story.

Wedding Photography

This genre is probably the most popular among the people. Many people use the services of photographers who
wrestle this type to produce beautiful images from special moments of the wedding.

Food Photography

Usually photographers who are involved in this genre, they are more creative because they have to produce
interesting images to capture the essence of a food object.

Landscape Photography

Most of this genre is cultivated by travelers who are fond of doing wild photography by relying on natural light.

Underwater Photography

Not many photographers are involved in this genre. Taking pictures of underwater beauty is not as easy as
Not all photographers are able to produce beautiful underwater images because they require the right technique.

Fashion Photography

This genre is often used lately for the promotion of clothing or other fashion items.

Commercial Advertising

This one photography is intended for promotional purposes that require images to look attractive with a little help of
computer editing.

Fine Art Photography

Fine art photography is a work of art that has a vision to be conveyed to the viewer. Usually fine art works are often
found in exhibitions or museums.

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